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It has been a great honor to serve you and the children of Texas as your representative on the State Board of Education, District 6. My concerns, both as a public school teacher and as a mother, led me to make the sacrifices required to serve on the State Board of Education. Abraham Lincoln said, "The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next." What an awesome opportunity and responsibility you have given me!

Several major concerns have been on the front burner during this last session: textbooks, curriculum standards, illiteracy, dropout rates, and teaching to the test rather than using testing to diagnose and remediate problems early.

My specific area of responsibility is serving as Chairman of the Instruction Committee. This committee has the primary responsibility for issues dealing with curriculum and instruction, student testing, vocational and special education programs. Prior to serving as Chairman of Instruction, I served on the Planning Committee, which oversees public charter schools and implementation of long-term planning goals for Texas' public education system.

Textbook adoptions are always a critical concern. Because of Texas' prominent place in textbook adoption and educational policy, not only our children in Texas but also those in the entire nation are affected by our Board's decisions.

I led in an effort to adopt only those textbooks that conform to state requirements (TEKS) as well as removing factual errors. I support using a solid phonics-based approach to teach reading and the teaching of math using time-proven traditional methods. When English as a Second Language reading materials were up for adoption, I also supported the effort to ensure that these books used a solid phonics-based approach.

During my tenure on the state board, I have resisted efforts to lower the academic expectations of high school students in Texas by voting twice to uphold new passing standards established in 2002. In addition, I have opposed unfunded legislative mandates which are financially burdensome to our already strapped school districts; and I have been a strong advocate of issues that help strengthen local control.

A strong conservative voice in the State Board of Education's management of the multi-billion dollar Permanent School Fund will always be essential; and I have stood consistently for traditional, conservative values in this as well. The children of Texas deserve to have sound investments protecting their Permanent School Fund, and I have worked diligently to keep it from being diverted to other uses.

My current list of supporters includes the endorsement of every Republican elected official in my district (who made endorsements in the 2004 primary). This could not have been done without the excellent working relationships I have developed with proven conservative Republican leaders here locally as well as those in the Texas House and Senate.

I am confident that with my experience on the Board, my strong support from this wide array of elected officials (including the Governor), my committed grassroots support, and your vote of support, I will serve as a conservative voice of reason for our children on the State Board of Education for another term, which runs through 2013.


Terri Leo
State Board of Education District #6 Representative
281-257-0836 (office) not paid for with State funds

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